REAL, Inc.

301 Lucero
Alice, TX 78332

(361) 668-3158
Toll Free: (800) 634-8082

Compassionate Caring for Communities Who Need Services Most

The Rural Economic Assistance League, Inc. (REAL) is a non-profit organization established in 1972 with the mission to provide safe, caring and quality community-centered services for the elderly, persons with disabilities and the general public by assisting them and their families in maintaining an independent and fulfilling life.

REAL, Inc. is governed by a volunteer 12 member board of directors and employs approximately 320 staff.


Seniors, people with disabilities, vulnerable communities should have dignified quality of life.  Rural communities have very limited resources for underserved populations.  Lack of sustained funding streams to rural areas.  Community does not have sufficient transportation, housing, health services and infrastructure

Overall Goal

Dignified quality of life for rural communities in South Texas


We honor the value, worth and dignity of ALL people through safe, caring, holistic and community-centered services.


REAL is the leading regional rural organization providing compassionate community-driven solutions by serving, so that EVERYONE has a fulfilling-independent quality of life.  

REAL Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Housing Provider and Equal Opportunity Employer.

REAL Inc. - Where helping people is our only goal!